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"Arika, Larissa and LuAnne were all exceptional. Very good at their jobs and also kind and considerate."
Apr 25, 2019
"Everyone at Thunder Bay Therapy is just awesome! I got relief in my neck area immediately. It is a very nice office and great therapy sessions."
Apr 19, 2019
"Arika and Larissa and LouAnne are excellent for the care and concern they give their patients."
Apr 16, 2019
"My husband had a stroke and he needed to have OT on his left shoulder, arm and hand. Erin Kuznicki did such a great job, not only have I seen great improvement, but she was so caring and patient with him. He was a little hard to work with because he gets sidetracked very easily."
Apr 16, 2019
"Great people. They do good work. "
Apr 16, 2019
"Both Arika and Larissa were professional and knowledgable therapists. Kind, considerate and explained their every move. I was informed and very satisfied with my therapy...No more pain!"
Apr 16, 2019
"Excellent staff & physical therapy! Our place to go for all our physical therapy needs. Staff is wonderful & very caring! "
Apr 15, 2019
"All you girls have done a great job. I will tell everyone about you. All of you did an excellent job on getting me back walking. I know I couldn't have done it without all of you. Thank you for your kindness and hard work."
Apr 09, 2019
"They all did a great job. They gave me good instructions for home exercises."
Apr 09, 2019
"Appointments on time. Friendly personnel. Ask the right questions. Equipment was clean and usable."
Apr 09, 2019
"Thunder Bay Therapy gets 5 stars in every area from the receptionist to physical therapists. Emily and Sarah took excellent care of me after rotator cuff surgery, highly recommended."
Mar 22, 2019
"Excellent service by Andrew "
Mar 07, 2019
"Five Stars!"
Mar 04, 2019
"Excellent service-all staff respected my needs, in terms of assistance, privacy and caring and compassion. This therapy included both physical and mental as far as encouragement. I will continue going back with their follow up program."
Mar 04, 2019
"Arika and her staff went out of their way to help my wife regain her strength and confidence. My wife has dementia and was falling and could not get back up. With their help, she has become more steady and balanced. The exercise sheet has been helpful."
Mar 04, 2019
"All the women were very nice and professional. I was treated with respect and received excellent therapy. I was happy with my therapy and would highly recommend Thunder Bay to anyone who has the need."
Mar 04, 2019
"They were very nice, polite and helpful. I learned a lot from them."
Mar 04, 2019
"Very professional. Friendly and Considerate."
Mar 04, 2019
"Staff is helpful and always accommodating to individual needs. PT staff is always professional and listen to comments concerning pain. The programs for at home are well though out and gone over with staff."
Mar 04, 2019
"Everyone there was very nice and caring. I am still going back to keep up my exercises even though I am done with therapy."
Jan 17, 2019
"Always polite, on time and thorough in the examinations. They really care."
Jan 17, 2019
"Great and wonderful people. They are very caring and understanding. Would suggest this place to anyone. Really helped me a lot. Thank you everyone, I am so happy."
Jan 17, 2019
"The staff are very courteous and on time and they know their job. Thank you."
Jan 16, 2019
"The therapists are very knowledgable and sincere in their desire to assist in the recovery of the patient."
Dec 14, 2018
"I have dealt with Thunder Bay Therapy in Rogers City and the staff goes above and beyond with being helpful. The make it pleasant to do therapy and Silver Sneakers."
Dec 04, 2018
"I received excellent care and therapy from both Ashley and Andrew. I feel I would not be where I am today without their hard work and encouragement. I would recommend Thunder Bay Therapy to anyone who needs help."
Nov 27, 2018
"The therapists designed a plan that I would comply with. They took all my physical and mental problems into account so I would comply. I am usually noncompliant."
Nov 18, 2018
"Very courteous and good at their job. Very knowledgable, I would highly recommend."
Nov 18, 2018
"The ladies are professional, courteous and very efficient. I enjoyed the dates that I came there. It was also very helpful with my right shoulder."
Nov 18, 2018
Nov 18, 2018
"They did an excellent job selecting the exercises that worked on the problems I had experienced. The women that worked with me were very efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone with problems like I had. "
Nov 18, 2018
"The staff is very friendly, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Thunder Bay Therapy. I am keeping up with daily exercises and feel so much better. I could have never done this on my own. Thank you !!!"
Nov 18, 2018
" My experience was absolutely wonderful. From the start of registering to finishing my therapy with Wynne T. & Sarah S. my experience was great. I thank Wynne and Sarah for all their help. Very professional and skilled therapist. This is where I'll come next time. J. A. Alpena"
Oct 06, 2018
"Very nice and dedicated therapist. I expect to be returning soon. Office help is outstanding!"
Sep 29, 2018
"I chose Thunder Bay Therapy for the third time because the women that work there are very knowledgable, pleasant and kind. The exercise has helped me to be more mobile and flexible. They are great!"
Sep 29, 2018
"Great staff. Clean, up-to-date facilities. This is my third time using Thunder Bay for different injuries and I would use them again."
Sep 29, 2018
"Staff is friendly and knowledgable. They are willing to assist you with exercising and tips to stay healthy, increase mobility and appropriate exercise regiment."
Sep 29, 2018
"Very satisfied with the therapists that worked on me. I got a lot of relief after my sessions and found the help pleasant and helpful in explaining the exercises."
Sep 29, 2018
"Eureka! I know that is an old word but I am an old man and that word best fits the feeling I have for this organization. When I first 'walked' into the front door I was literally looking at the floor - I was that bent over with rheumatoid arthritis in my lower spine. I had been struggling for months trying to work myself out of all the pain and condition I was in. After a visit to an orthopedic surgeon it was suggested that I acquire some physical therapy. I did. It has been just over a month and I am in exultation. I can walk upright. I have even made a couple of two mile walks. I have no more pain from my lower back. Should I keep going? No need. You, the reader, will get the idea. Following the regimens that were laid down by Cathy, Ashley and Teresa, I became the man I wanted to be. It was not difficult. The exercises were/are quite simple and very easy to do. Today, I continue with the exercises that were taught to me. Today, I walk with an almost youthful gait. Today, I walk without pain. Today, I breathe a whole lot easier. Today, I move with more elasticity than I have for over ten years. Thank you so much to all the very friendly and professional staff at Thunder Bay Therapy & Sports Medicine."
Aug 28, 2018
"Great service and a friendly staff. "
Aug 13, 2018
"Very pleasant and professional staff."
Aug 13, 2018
"The premises was clean and orderly. The equipment was in good, working order and appointments were spaced to eliminate excess waiting. Instructors were well informed and pleasant to work with. "
Aug 07, 2018
"Very professional and friendly "
Aug 06, 2018
"The therapists were great and my exercises were the right ones, but my body didn't cooperate and need to see a doctor. If I find out why I am hurting so much, maybe I can come back for more therapy. "
Aug 02, 2018
"My sessions were consistent, organized, and I improved steadily. The staff was informative and supportive. The whole experience was positive."
Jul 23, 2018
"Was treated with courtesy and professionalism at all of my visits."
Jul 23, 2018
"The Rogers City staff went above and beyond for my care. God's blessings to them."
Jul 18, 2018
"Professional, efficient, friendly"
Jun 28, 2018
"The therapists that helped me, Larrissa Neumann and Arika Kunath are top shelf. They really showed compassion and toughness when needed, and enjoyed seeing my progress. The office staff were very friendly and accommodating. 5 stars for all. Back to work in 7 weeks from total knee replacement with 123 degree bend with a target of 120."
Jun 28, 2018
"Started out, couldn't use left arm. They did great and was so polite and nice to me. Thank you for all the help so I can use my left arm again. Thank you so much all of staff are great and care."
Jun 25, 2018
"The staff is super nice. Treatments were very helpful along with home exercises to help even further. I would highly recommend this clinic!"
Jun 22, 2018
"I went to Thunder Bay Therapy because of achilles tendinitis. After 10 visits there was almost no pain! The staff is wonderful, friendly, and they know what they are doing. But, you have to do the exercises given to you at home!"
Jun 12, 2018
"Excellent therapy, Erin explained everything she was doing and the reasons for it. So thankful that my elbow pain is gone!"
Jun 04, 2018
"Everyone was so friendly. I had therapy done on my shoulder. Erin Kuznicki was my therapist and I would highly recommend her!"
Jun 04, 2018
"Therapy went very well. Everyone was friendly and very professional. Exercises were very helpful. I will make sure to continue them at home. I especially enjoyed working with people who had my best intention at heart. Thanks!"
Jun 04, 2018
"Very excellent service. Caring and patient."
May 29, 2018
"I was very pleased with the girls."
May 15, 2018
"Would reccoment the facility to anyone in need. Sincerely, Leonard."
May 14, 2018
"The therapist worked on my shoulder regularly. They also gave me a number of things to work on at home. "
May 14, 2018
"I cannot say enough good things about Thunder Bay PT! Erica, Larissa, Lu Ann and Denise are absolutely the best! Their professionalism , expertise, personalities, etc. make going to therapy so worthwhile. I wouldn't have progressed to where I am with out their expert help and guidance. "
May 11, 2018
"Very pleased with my therapy. The staff is excellent."
May 09, 2018
"Everything that was done was done professionally. "
May 09, 2018
"I felt very cared for and think everyone there was knowledgeable regarding how to help me recover from the damage I did from my fall. "
May 07, 2018
"Everyone was very polite and they were concerned about my well being. Thank you for getting me back to walking. "
May 01, 2018
"They were very helpful and was always concerned about how I was feeling and doing. They worked around my schedule which was a great help. They were very helpful with any questions on help I needed any time. They all did an excellent job and always very friendly and happy. Thank you! "
May 01, 2018
"Everyone there was just terrific! I am CERTAIN I would not have made any progress with my frozen shoulder without Jennifer's help. Nobody wants to do things that hurt, right?? Jennifer was patient, helpful and very personable. I have had many PTs at other places and not felt like I could/would call them 'friend'. Your entire staff serve you well. All I can say is thank you very much!!!"
Apr 20, 2018
" Everyone at Thunder Bay Therapy are so efficient and so kind ~ without their great patience and knowledge I would have never progressed as well as I did . A HUGE THANK YOU to ERIN and CATHY for all they did for me 🙂 "
Apr 19, 2018
"The people at Thunder Bay were so good!!"
Apr 17, 2018
"Kind, courteous & most helpful. Means a lot to people with pain problems. Rogers City PTs made it to work in a horrible snow storm. Will keep contact even though I chose in home therapy - above 5 stars."
Apr 13, 2018
"Thunder Bay Therapy in Rogers City. So truly the best. They are very knowledgable. They take much pride and care of their patients. They work very hard and give their very best. Anika and her entire staff care for their patents. They are the best!"
Apr 10, 2018
"Arika & Larissa were wonderful. They were helpful, professional, and friendly."
Apr 09, 2018
"The staff at the Rogers City location are awesome! Everyone was helpful, patient, and professional. Best of all the program they developed for me worked to reduce my pain. Thank you!"
Apr 09, 2018
"My experience at Thunder Bay in Rogers City was awesome. My therapists did a great job in getting my broken waist back to functioning. I will highly recommend Thunder Bay Therapy to everyone."
Apr 09, 2018
"Helped me heal from my back pain, very talented ladies - very comforting."
Mar 16, 2018
"Very worthwhile."
Mar 15, 2018
"This is not my first visit to Thunder Bay Therapy. I have chosen this facility because of the staff from the staff to the secretary. It is a comfortable atmosphere and the therapists work hard to address my needs and make sure I understand what the exercises are doing to help me get stronger."
Mar 09, 2018
"Very satisfied with the girls during my therapy. Will go back if I have to again. They explained very well what I had to do. Very pleasant & understanding."
Mar 06, 2018
"At the start of my PT program I had my doubts about it being any benefit. However, Arika & Larissa set up a good program for me, and I was able to have more improvement than I thought would be possible."
Feb 27, 2018
"You have been gems at your Rogers City office, they are professional, they always greet you with a smile, and call you by name. They are very careful with your pain, yet work hard to get you better. A really great crew. Thank you so much."
Feb 23, 2018
"All the staff including the receptionist were very professional, helpful, understanding in my needs for physical therapy. The instructors (therapists) were extremely knowledgable in their field and helped me to gain the strength I needed."
Feb 22, 2018
"Very thorough, very knowledgable. They gave me pointers on many of my issues. They designed programs to follow present & future, very courteous, compassionate , attentive. I would recommend to my family and friends."
Feb 21, 2018
"I was very happy with the results of my therapy. The therapists were knowledgable, professional and friendly."
Feb 20, 2018
"I have a form of Parkinsons but Ericka, my therapist, learned the treatment program (Big & Wide or Big & Loud)just to help me. At the end of therapy I can see the help it was to me. Thank you."
Feb 15, 2018
"I appreciated that they were aggressive/progressive, yet gentle."
Feb 05, 2018
"All employees were prompt, very helpful, courteous and very knowledgable of their duties. The therapists were gently but firm and explained what each manipulations would achieve."
Feb 02, 2018
"Therapy was great! Therapists and staff are very professional and friendly. Recovery after surgery went very well and quick - Thanks."
Feb 02, 2018
"I just complete six weeks of therapy with Wynne and Ashley at Thunder Bay Therapy after total knee replacement. I believe I would not be where I am today as far as range of motion without these two wonder gals. I enjoyed every visit and the entire staff was always very friendly and helpful. I would recommend TBT to anyone needing therapy! I'll miss you gals :)"
Feb 02, 2018
"I want to thank all the personnel at Thunder Bay Therapy for their great service and care. Having had a lot of therapy for different problems, the personnel are the best I have had. Thanks again."
Jan 30, 2018
"Very professional, courteous and more. Excellent"
Jan 26, 2018
"All personnel were very professional and had great skills in designing procedures that helped my particular issue (knee scope) heal quickly. Additionally they had excellent people skills."
Jan 16, 2018
"Anika & Laurissa did an awesome job getting me back on my feet removing lots of the pain, and the office is really great."
Jan 15, 2018
"Pleased with how therapy went."
Jan 15, 2018
"Jennifer was very professional, qualified, and friendly. I would recommend Thunder Bay Therapy and Jennifer to anyone. "
Jan 04, 2018
"The staff was very courteous and professional. They gave me encouragement to give the strength that I have today. A very good place to go for rehab. I would return if the need arises."
Dec 20, 2017
"Very courteous and good at their jobs. Very knowledgeable, highly recommend. "
Dec 18, 2017
"Just wanted to say Ashley & Emily were really great, my shoulder is in much better shape. Thanks so much. Bill B."
Dec 14, 2017
"Wow...where do I start. I had severe pain in my back and left hip for several months. Actually close to a year! Unable to walk up stairs, sit for long periods, pain when trying to sleep...miserable. I was referred to Physical Therapy...what a blessing! Wynne was my therapist...and knew immediately what was my problem! It wasn't easy...but I got through the exercises and manipulation with wonderful results! I am 64 years old and I felt like I was a new pain! Wynne and her assistants...Sarah and Ashley were wonderful...putting up with my grumpy moods that were associated with my pain. The secretaries were fantastic! Thanks to all who helped me get my life back!"
Dec 07, 2017
"Great experience! Emily and Ashley are over the top!! They were able to diagnose my muscle problem and give me appropriate exercises to get back to normal. My (ski) hat off to those gals!"
Dec 04, 2017
"I am very satisfied with the method that the young ladies treated me and with what they accomplished. My hip muscles do seem much improved. I extend my thanks for the care that I was given."
Nov 30, 2017
"Very professional, very educated and helpful. Great people."
Nov 30, 2017
"Excellent care, knowledgeable, wonderful staff, caring, great at their jobs. Would recommend them to anyone."
Nov 20, 2017
"I received Physical Therapy on my shoulder (extensive surgery) and then again after cortisone injections in my hands for multiple trigger fingers. Both experiences were very positive, supported by the quick results to recover my ROM and renewed strength. The entire staff was very professional and personable."
Nov 19, 2017
"All of the staff were very professional, courteous and highly skilled. I would and will recommend this facility to all friends and family. If I ever need PT again - This is the place for me! I want to thank all of the staff, especially my specific therapist Emily - she really helped me out and and cared about my specific situation. "GO GREEN" oh, and also "GO BLUE""
Nov 10, 2017
"Thunder Bay Physical Therapy is one of those rare institutions possessing particularly high skills in manual therapy. Good manual therapy can reduce pain caused by constricted muscles or muscles bound by continuous spasm. A good manual therapist can find and relax such muscles, reducing pain. It sounds simple, but there are very few therapists that can skillfully apply the technique to good effect. Theresa and Kayla are two such skilled professionals and I am grateful to them for their treatment of me and the resulting pain reduction. I had intense neck pain for about two and a half years with no relief. I was treated by four physicians in Michigan and three in Florida. I had epidural injections and trigger point injections and was evaluated for possible permanent nerve block. I went to two other physical therapy institutions and no one was able reduce my pain. Finally, I was referred to Thunder Bay Therapy. Theresa and Kayla diagnosed and applied manual therapy and supporting physical therapy and successfully reduced my neck pain when all others failed. I give you my heartfelt thanks. All the staff at Thunder Bay Therapy are delightful people who together make a very positive and "can do" environment. I am unreserved in giving all of you my highest recommendations. Please continue the great work that you do."
Nov 07, 2017
"The therapists were very attentive and knowledgeable and showed me how to take care of my issues and caused my condition to improve measurably! I thanked them after every visit."
Nov 03, 2017
"I had total knee replacement and worked with Andrew,Maria,and Ashley. They are all GREAT at what they do! Will tell all friends and family to go to Thunderbay Therapy for all their therapy needs."
Oct 27, 2017
"My experience was exceptional. The therapist was very knowledgeable efficient and friendly. She was able to answer any questions I had and offer helpful solutions."
Oct 20, 2017
"HuAnn, Akira Lindsey, Erin, Theresa all were excellent—sorry to see Lindsey leave. HuAnn made you feel special and welcome. Akira is the absolute BEST therapist the world!! Invested, interested, caring, yet tough, she has brought me back from the brink multiple times!! I would not think of going anywhere else and have recommended TBT multiple times to others. If I could be able to give some impressions—indulge me, please: 1) The elevated screen is most welcoming(as before) person greeted you (HuAnne)—it also feels like a Bannie, As you cannot approach or freely interact with her. She is one of the best, as you could have additionally—no past of that also is handicap for wheelchair patients. 2)The 100% effort of Akira has brought me to functioning multiple times and she goes above and beyond for me and others."
Oct 19, 2017
"Good Job"
Oct 17, 2017
"All helpful, courteous and friendly people. All my questions and concerns were promptly taken care of."
Oct 17, 2017
"Very helpful with my exercise. I've noticed a big difference. All staff was always friendly. Helped very much even Lou Ann playing catch with me."
Oct 10, 2017
"It was a great experience it really has changed my thinking about therapy and what it has done for me the girls were wonderful in helping me with my progression."
Oct 06, 2017
"I am very pleased with the service I received at Thunder Bay Therapy in Rogues City, Michigan. Erika Kenneth, the P.T., was very knowledgeable and professional. Erin Rena, the PTA, was also excellent. They both were encouraging and provided an exercise program that allowed me to see a lot of improvement. The secretary at the desk was also kind and helpful."
Oct 05, 2017
"Well satisfied with the treatment I received at Thunder Bay therapy from Catherine Thorton, DPT and Ashley Hansen, PTA. I was well satisfied. Thank you."
Oct 04, 2017
"Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, words I use to describe the care of everyone at the PT clinic. I have thanked them personally and am pleased to write this review."
Oct 04, 2017
"The facility is very clean. The associates were very caring and took good care of me. They helped me with my problems I would recommend to anyone."
Oct 04, 2017
"I had PT at your facility for 5 weeks for my shoulder. I had to have this done to provide an assessment before I could have an MRI ordered. I felt that the staff who cared for me and treated me were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The reception staff were very friendly and accommodating as well. We tried many different things to alleviate my shoulder pain...when one thing didn't work...there were other options. I appreciate that I had a couple of different therapists evaluating me because they each brought something a little different to the table. Unfortunately, I did not get resolution to my issue and will be proceeding with an MRI this week. I do appreciate so much that you all tried so hard to make the pain less...sometimes it had to be a little more to be less, but I appreciate that you sincerely wanted to get me comfortable. I would definitely come back to you for treatment in the future should I need it. Thank you Andrew, Maria and Kayla...I appreciate you!"
Oct 01, 2017
"Did a great job. Everyone really nice and cares."
Sep 26, 2017
"Very good. Explained a lot"
Sep 22, 2017
"5 stars!"
Sep 22, 2017
"This was my fourth experience at TBT. I am very impressed in the professionalism of the staff but even more impress in how they greet and treat patients. There is always a smile and a how are you to everyone. In regard to their professionalism, they are some of the best. Taking the time and effort to correctly diagnose the problems and then outlining a course of therapy to meet my needs has been great. I also appreciate the clerical staff doing their best to accommodate my needs and schedule. I would and have highly recommended them to others. Keep up the great work!!!!"
Sep 22, 2017
"Arika and Erin did a wonderful job in helping me get my arm movement improved a lot .was very friendly ,sensitive to how I was feeling.thank you for doing a great job and for caring.then there was Luann with the smile and good nature 😀.It was a joy to go to thearapy."
Sep 21, 2017
"Excellent therapists! Excellent receptionists!"
Sep 21, 2017
"5 Stars!"
Sep 19, 2017
"Very well pleased. Therapist (Ericka) explained my condition and gave exercises to improve my shoulder."
Sep 19, 2017
"Couldn't of ask for better service—the people were fantastic. They helped me a lot."
Sep 19, 2017
"Everyone did such a good job. My knee feels so much better. I feel with the home exercises my knee should do fine. Erika, Erin, and Theresa were wonderful to work with. Huann and/or Kim always welcomed me with a warm smile. All answered my questions! Thank you all so much!"
Sep 14, 2017
"Everyone very friendly and caring. Therapy was very helpful getting the pain to not be too bad in my lower back and leg."
Sep 12, 2017
"Great staff—knowledgeable—encouraging, very personable! Had a great time—IT wasn't easy, but the staff was very professional—Erika, Lindsey, Erin, Loann, Denise! Thanks, guys!"
Sep 12, 2017
"From initial assessment/treatment and 3 weeks of therapy, I was very pleased with the friendliness, skill, and professionalism with which I was treated. I would definitely recommend TBT to my friends and family."
Sep 12, 2017
"I knew I needed physical therapy to improve my ailments. Thunder Bay therapy has given me the very best results. I totally trust their expert care."
Aug 22, 2017
"I was extremely happy with the services I received at Thunder Bay Therapy. The staff was very professionally, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing PT!"
Aug 21, 2017
"Pain is a lot less intense than when I first began. I'm able to do more activities with less discomfort and do sleep better."
Aug 16, 2017
"I had two physical therapy protocols—3 weeks for lower back problem and 3 weeks for a painful neck situation. I received wonderful instruction and how to improve both problems and have learned how to continue to improve by doing proper exercises at home so I can continue to do the activities I want to as I age!"
Aug 11, 2017
"Everyone here at Thunder Bay Therapy in Roger City was amazing!! I appreciated their help in my recovery very much. Special thanks to Lou Ann for taking the time to get my insurance accepted so I didn't have to drive an hour for therapy."
Aug 10, 2017
"I enjoyed coming to physical therapy, and the reason for that are the sweet people who work here. Always a smile, and although very professional, also very personal. Thank you for a great experience."
Aug 09, 2017
"Very good worker. Very good sessions too. They did good."
Aug 08, 2017
"Thunder Bay Physical Therapy really helped me improve after a back injury. The girls were always professional and worked hard to get me back on my feet again. Erika, Luann, Lindsey, and Denise were all top notch and helpful. I recommend the Rogers City office to everyone!"
Aug 04, 2017
"They are very professional people and easy to work with."
Aug 03, 2017
"Original condition was stiff neck—treatment was parially effective in that relief was better approx 70%~conditions such that I can live with—with continuous exercises at home as I was directed."
Aug 01, 2017
"Thank you"
Jul 28, 2017
"Request Iwrgr print of instructions given de to failing edge right. Therapist encouraging pleasant helpful young ladies."
Jul 28, 2017
"Wonderful ladies to work with. I have received excellent therapy and am well satisfied!!"
Jul 28, 2017
"My experience was excellent with TBT. The staff were kind and very helpful, they really took time to make sure I understood how to do each excerise and what it was for."
Jul 27, 2017
"Arika Kunath Lynsey Lyle Therapist. Let's not forget Luann Basel is the receptionist ALL OF THEM 5 STARS!"
Jul 25, 2017
"Very pleased with the treatment from both Ashley. & Andrew. They challenged me and helped me to progress through the process. Both very helpful & knowledgeable."
Jul 25, 2017
"I have many issues which make it very hard to be a functional human being. The therapy I receive here at Thunder Bay is instrumental in keeping me going and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Emily and Ashley make a good team for me, thanks."
Jul 17, 2017
"Very helpful. My goal to have less pain and to improve waking was achieved with the help of two very smart,adaptable,encouraging therapists. Thank you!"
Jul 13, 2017
"I've been coming here for years and I am never disappointed in the people who work here and how much they care for their patients. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Jul 13, 2017
"Hi I had a great time here. They really helped me with my plantar fasciitis and now my pain feels much better thanks again !!!!!"
Jul 12, 2017
"I found all the girls to be both professional and personal. Always friendly and ready to be of assistance. Would I recommend Thunder Bay Therapy....YES"
Jul 11, 2017
"Enjoyed it and they did a good job. Glad I'm feeling better."
Jul 11, 2017
"Very enjoyable. Everyone was so friendly. Therapy was great. Feel and move so much better."
Jul 07, 2017
"I have now had 3 weeks of therapy with very good results. I can do the things that I want to do, which were very limited when I started. The staff here is very compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly. Arikca does a very good job teaching about your condition and the treatments available. Linsday makes you feel comfortable going through the routines. Both women are very professional and care about their patients and jobs. I would recommend Thunder Bay Therapy to family and friends for sure."
Jun 30, 2017
"Therapy was very helpful and people were great. Worked with Kayla and she was great."
Jun 28, 2017
"The workout was real good."
Jun 26, 2017
"very happy with my therapists and the routine they prepared for me...also the exercises that I was given to do at home..."
Jun 26, 2017
"The employees were very easy to work with, even the girl at the front desk, Ms Basel."
Jun 23, 2017
"Ladies were very friendly and seemed to know what they were doing. Also really helped out with the problem in my elbow and forearm. Very pleased with the end result and my over all experience."
Jun 23, 2017
"My therapists were outstanding! Not only were they totally competent in working with any problem, but also were friendly, smiling and pleasant. They showed an interest in my welfare and were so very encouraging, something I needed."
Jun 21, 2017
"I would like to thank Arika, Lynsey, Luanne and Denise for all the care and attention they gave to me. It was done with easy to understand instructions and their capable knowledge. I would recommend them to anyone needing therapy. They are very good."
Jun 21, 2017
"Enjoyed my time gaining strength in my shoulder. Couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with. Very professional but fun. Graduated a little ahead of schedule. Would recommend Thunder Bay Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy."
Jun 21, 2017
"Excellent experience. Feel so much better when I finish my"
Jun 20, 2017
"The entire staff was wonderful and helped me to heal and get back on track. Thank you!"
Jun 16, 2017
"I love how helpful the ladies were. They are all very friendy"
Jun 16, 2017
"Carolyn was great at giving me my home therapy exercises and updating me as I progressed. She encouraged me to keep at it and I feel good with how much stronger and flexible I've become. Thank you for all your help!"
Jun 14, 2017
"Everyone was very helpful. Thank you."
Jun 12, 2017
"Arika and Lindsy were very helpful and friendly. i recommend them."
Jun 08, 2017
"Kayla is a wonderful therapist! She is very compassionate and understanding. She helped me achieve relief from my pain in a very short time!"
Jun 08, 2017
Jun 07, 2017
"Knowledgeable and professional - very helpful! Gave me helpful exercises to complete at home. Organized and efficient. Relaxed atmosphere."
Jun 05, 2017
"I was made to feel like I was important. Received good, positive encouragement and support. I found myself looking forward to going to Therapy. The exercise I was given to do at home and therapy sessions seemed to have worked. I am about at 80% and plan a full recovery by July."
Jun 05, 2017
"Your staff was very efficient and I never was waiting for an appointment. Andrew the therapist was very thorough and made sure all my questions were answered."
Jun 05, 2017
Jun 05, 2017
"I have very good results for my problems with the people at Thunder Bay Therapy. That is why I chose Thunder Bay Therapy. I have been going there for years."
Jun 05, 2017
"Kayla is a beautiful person and a wonderful therapist. She was kind and courteous and was "there for me". She helped me inside and out! You have a winner here. Treat her real good. She is a gem."
Jun 05, 2017
"The facility was very clean and well kept. The equipment was all very clean and functioning. I found the staff to be extremely professional, friendly, concerned, and overall VERY GREAT."
Jun 05, 2017
"This did more good than any place I've been."
Jun 05, 2017
"Good experience. Erika, Lindsey, LuAnn, Denise all are good at what they do. Everyone is very accommodating."
Jun 02, 2017
"Great place and great people"
Jun 02, 2017
"Carolynn Graham was excellent and very helpful in my journey to recovery. I am still not at 100 percent but she gave me tools and instructions I can use at home to aid me in the process. I would recommend this facility highly. A very cometent and friendly atmosphere for achieving ones goals..."
May 30, 2017
"My experience was the BEST. I had my back surgery downstate, my surgeon asked me if I had somewhere "good to go to in Alpena for Physical Therapy"? My reply: "the best in the state, I wouldn't go anywhere else". The facility is beautiful and immaculate. Emily and Lori.....what a team! So knowledgeable and fun. LOVED the pool! I feel so much better. All staff members were polite.....always a welcoming smile from Sharon and Evelyn at the front desk. Five star plus for Thunder Bay Therapy! Thank you again."
May 30, 2017
"Everyone was wonderful and therapy went well,"
May 26, 2017
"I am so impressed with the professionalism and positive help. At no time did Ashley, Emily or Lori ever fail to keep me feeling positive during my rehab. I thank all of you so very much."
May 26, 2017
"I have received the best experience and personalized care here at Thunder Bay Therapy, and had great success with quick recovery after my knee replacements, aided by coming for pre-rehabilitation prior to my surgeries. All of the staff were approachable and helpful, and Wynne and Sarah were fantastic! I would highly recommend everyone to choose Thunder Bay Therapy."
May 25, 2017
"Hade a great experience and therapy was very helpful. Andrew and Sara were very forgiving. Thank you all"
May 23, 2017
"The staff was very help full, PTs explained procedures well."
May 19, 2017
"great service, clean"
May 19, 2017
"Wonderful. Much improved."
May 18, 2017
"therapy has helped a great deal"
May 16, 2017
"great practice"
Apr 26, 2017