Besides being a professional, well trained team, I found the overall atmosphere to e warm, welcoming and supportive. All therapists, whether “mine” or not, were aware and provided guidance when needed.

Great experience. Thank you.

Cindy R.

I was totally satisfied with the service at your facility. They (Emily and Ashley) were very courteous and friendly. But, best of all, they did a good job of serving my needs with the exercises and answering my questions. I found out how important the exerces are for a good recovery.

God bless you all! 🙂

Joanne B.

I wanted to let the owners of Thunder Bay Therapy and Sports Medicine know what an excellent staff they have. All the staff, from the secretaries up front to the staff I didn’t have contact with but saw and heard, were all friendly and professional. It is nice to see this in today’s world.

The care I received from Jennifer, Wynne and Ashley has helped me both mentally and physically since my stroke.

I appreciate your services.

Thank you!

Rickey C.

I thought the staff was very efficient and knowledgeable. I never had to wait beyond my scheduled time. I liked how they would at least get one started on the bike and then finish up with other patients. I was very impressed with how quickly Emily was able to determine what my issue was and treat it.

Thank you!

Julie R.